Women's Equality Day

For Women’s Equality Day we thought we would discuss a very important topic not only worldwide but especially here in Egypt.

There are so many things that might make women feel less; less strong, less intelligent or less important but we’ve tried to narrow them down to these 15 things that people say that not only really annoy women but also make them think less of themselves.

By Mariam Elhamy

1. “Del Ragel Wala Del Heeta” Women’s Equality Day

Why do you assume that a woman is always co-dependent? I think we’ve proved plenty that we can work, provide and raise children without the help of a man.

2. “Your Biological Clock is Ticking”

Most women are all too aware of their age, so you don’t need to remind them that if they don’t find a spouse they can never have kids. It’s none of your business anyway no matter how close you are. A woman is free to decide if and when she wants to conceive.

3. “Good Girls Don’t Curse, Smoke, or Be Loud”

Women's Equality DayAs opposed to men, obviously. Why is it acceptable for men to act whichever way they like when both genders should have good manners? Women’s Equality Day

4. “You Must Have It So Easy Because You’re Pretty”

This might sound like a compliment but it’s really an insult in disguise. Assuming that a girl can only make something of herself if or because she’s pretty.

5. “Here, Let Me Put It Into Simpler Words”

Mansplaining is when men oversimplify or explain something to women in a patronizing, condescending and overconfident way.

6. “Don’t Be Such a Girl”

Or “you hit like a girl” or “you throw like a girl” we’ve been hearing these since kindergarten and it portrays girls as weak oversensitive creatures.

7. “Of Course She’s A Bad Driver, She’s A Woman.”

Presuming that all women are the same.

8. “I’ll Always Beat You At Any Sport.”

A guy would be totally out of shape but still has the arrogance to assume that he can win a woman at any sport because she is physically weaker. Women’s Equality Day

9. “You’re Not That Kind of Girl.” Women’s Equality Day

Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know that there were “kinds” of girls. I’ll try to find my kind and stick to it now. Thank you!

10. “You’re Acting Up. Are You On Your Period?”

This is probably the most annoying of all. When men act as if all women are crazy and hysterical because of their hormones. Acting like they know better when they smartly say “are you on your period”, it’s just a rude way of saying that you’re acting irrationally or overly emotional.

Women's Equality DayThese men attribute women’s anger to their raging hormones instead of being mature enough to validate their emotions. Take what a woman says or feels at face value instead of assuming it’s the hormones talking.

11. “You Have It So Easy. You Don’t Have To Bring Food On The Table.”

Even if a woman decides to be a stay-at-home mom that doesn’t mean that her life is any easier. Assuming that girls have no worries or pressures because they don’t have a financial responsibility is a deadbeat stereotype.

12. “You Don’t Need to Go to the Gym, You’re Already Hot.”

Not everything a woman does stems from wanting to be attractive for a guy. This apparent “compliment” is wrong on so many levels. Most women go to the gym because they want to be healthy, or because they enjoy exercising just like men do.

13. “I Love a Girl With a Hearty Appetite”

Women's Equality DayFirst off that only means that you’re either not used to seeing a woman eat or it’s another way of saying “you’re eating too much”. Second, would you ever say that to an overweight girl? Most women are self-conscious of their weight and they work really hard to maintain it so just don’t be rude.

14. “How Are You Still Single?”

Why is it that a woman can only be single because she’s unattractive? Are beautiful/smart/amazing women not allowed to be single? Are they only single because no man wants them or can it be that they are picky? Because they can afford to be single and because they have a choice. Women’s Equality Day

15. “That Girl is Hot!”

It’s never okay when a man says that another woman is attractive in front of his partner. Because no matter how cool a woman acts about it, it always triggers her self-doubt and insecurity.

Women's Equality Day

If you’ve said any of these things before to a woman, think of how it affects her and how it makes her feel. Does it change her perception of herself and her place in the world?

You might not even know you’re doing it but it’s not just about what you say, it’s also about how you react to what she says. Always make a woman feel secure and validated by acknowledging and valuing her efforts and celebrating her successes.

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