mentally strong people

The agony of self-doubt taunts a lot of people, especially those who tend to overthink a lot and it’s all because of the social pressure that is constantly put on them to be perfect all the time. Making them more vulnerable to criticism and limiting their true potential.

To battle all these conformities, we’re tackling some thinking habits most people do that are really unhealthy for their mental state, which in turn reflects on their decisions. If you’re tired of not achieving your full potential read on because things are about to get serious!

By Mariam Elhamy

Mentally strong people don’t:

1. See Failure As A Weakness

Failing doesn’t change the way they see themselves because strong people know what it means to fail and have no one believe in them then pick themselves up and try again. They don’t let their failures define them or hold them back.

2. See Perfectionism As The Only Way

Holding themselves at a higher place is what makes them stronger but they don’t fuss over what is expected of them or how they should be. Their benchmark is high but realistic and not impossible.

3. Feed Off Of Other People’s Failures or Envy Their Successes

They don’t waste time being petty or compare themselves to others because they know that everyone is walking their own journey. They glorify their strengths, work on their weaknesses and celebrate others’ winnings.

4. Overthink Everything

Mentally strong people know that overthinking tends to either exaggerate things that happened in the past or dramatize what might happen in the future, both of which won’t solve anything. They know what bothers them and they try to find solutions with healthy thinking instead of engaging in endless loops of negative thoughts.mentally strong people

5. Let Other People’s Opinions Get to Them

They take criticism with an open mind and they don’t let it belittle who they are. They believe in their strengths and don’t let others put them down.

6. Be Afraid to Ask For Help

mentally strong peopleAsking for help is not shameful and mentally strong people are brave enough to be vulnerable and emotional around the people that they trust.

7. Doubt Their Every Step

Self scrutinizing is quite normal and healthy in a way. Mentally strong people know how to deal with their self doubt so that it doesn’t stop them from taking action or delving into something risky.

8. Avoid Tough Challenges

Uncomfortable situations are bound to happen. Strong people know how to tackle these situations and confront them with a confident and problem-solving mindset. Challenges stimulate them, they don’t hide away or try to avoid them.mentally strong people

9. Abide by The Rules that Don’t Serve Them

Mentally strong people can tell the difference between right and wrong. They don’t follow rules that only serve others or society but that doesn’t mean that they take it as a pass to behave senselessly.

10. Blame Themselves

Mentally strong people take responsibility for their actions but they don’t carry the blame for someone else’s shortcomings. They know their mistakes don’t define them because they are flexible enough to change.

11. Be Afraid to Show Who They Really Are

Strong people stand up for what they believe in. They’re not afraid to speak up when they see something wrong and especially not for the convenience of others.

12. Shy Away from Accepting Compliments

Mentally strong people celebrate their triumphs, they don’t shy away from compliments or feel unworthy because they acknowledge the effort that they put in.

Recognize the unhealthy habits that always put you down and focus on a more positive healthy mindset. When you give up the things that are holding you back, with time you will become mentally strong and your thinking habits will become much more effective.

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