A month before Art D’Egypte’s biggest event of the year, Forever is Now, launches at the Pyramids, Art D’Egypte presents Cairo International Art District (CIAD), a journey through the streets of Downtown Cairo.

By: Aliaa ElSherbini

I went to the Factory space in Wust El Balad, where I scouted for art many times before, as it has become synonymous with exciting exhibitions, but this time, Art D’Egypte has raised the stakes with this newly inaugurated immersive art concept, CIAD.

We began with live painting by Spanish visual artist Alberto Reguera at The Factory, then went on an art tour in the streets of Wust El Balad, where old coffeeshops have been transformed into minimalist art galleries and old shops into art displays.

Art D’Egypte took up 12 spaces in Downtown including, Kodak, the Old Spanish Cultural Centre, Cinema Radio, The Factory, 5 Shops, Access Art Gallery, and Tahrir Cultural Centre Cairo. Then turned them into show spaces and mini galleries to display art in its different forms. Combining paintings, sculptures, installations, holograms, sound, and video art, CIAD is an exhilarating sensory experience.

Downtown Cairo is not a new location for Art D’Egypte’s exhibitions, and it is where continuous renovations and revamps are occurring to revive the heart of Cairo.

Artwork by 60 well-established and international artists from the USA, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Sudan, Switzerland, the UK, Belgium, and of course, Egypt is displayed around the district for you to see. Some emerging local artists were chosen to display their works as well.

It is an artistic journey that you do not want to miss.

Open to the public until 27 October!